Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Scratch Built 40 Ork Supa Choppa

Here's the result of my latest project: a scratch built chopper for Orks in Warhammer 40K. It has twin linked autocannons and 1 zzap gun and. I also painted a banner that will go on the back of the bike. see pictures below.

The original parts are mostly space marine bike parts, some straws, bitz and green stuff. The Ork has 1 space marine leg (can't really tell), the head of a burna boy and the body of a normal boyz. The power claw is made of the ends of a plastic fork and bits of plastic card.

And here it is: I kept the painting pretty standard and made it look pretty dinged up.

I tried to add some nice details, like the gas tank, the head of a victim and the flames coming out of the exhaust. I also added wrappings around the forks and the guns, to make it look more ork-like. I based it on a horse base for fantasy and tilted the vehicle slightly to make it more dynamic.

Here's the banner. First on paper, then on the flag (green stuff)

It's completely painted freehand, started with black and worked my way up.

It's pretty daunting, but with practice and smaller brushes then I had, we could all get great results. Anything better then transfers, right? This was my first try, I am going to work on it.

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