Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kit Bashed Ork Trukk

Here's a converted, heavily modified Ork Trukk. I used the old trukk as a basis, but with the enlarged new model had to create a new chassis and build everything around it. As you can see, the size of both models matches pretty good.

The driver will be in the front by himself, the other guy will be in the back.

I used a lot of pieces from the old firebase sprue (I mentioned before, it's from 1995), it's very useful for ork building because of the excellent designs. Just cut it up and attach in crooked ways.

The bars over the back are from sprue, you can just bend it without heating it. The tape over it will look good when it is painted.

The wheels were a challenge. The new wheels have armor and spikes, the old ones were too small and normal looking. I thought about green stuff but instead I tried this waterproof doublesided tape and it worked great. The back wheels are from a WW2 model in 1:35 scale. I wanted the back wheels to be bigger.

I stole some bits from my new Trukk, it already looked so good, so adding some nice details to the other one makes both of them look good. I am pleased with the exhaust that runs underneath. That I did need to heat in order to bend the plastic.

And here it is painted..

It's hard to not go crazy on a model like this, it's still has to look functional, not obviously self made; with Orks you walk a fine line between the two. My goal is to scratch build as if it were a real model. This one came out OK, maybe other people have good ones?

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  1. Another fan-freakin'-tastic Orky work there, guys! Looking sweet and I love how the tape makes the old wheels so much better. Looking forward to seeing more of it!

    You guys are doing a great job, keep it up!