Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dipping the Deathwing

Since collecting up 100 Terminators to model the Deathwing, I was presented with the problem of painting all those bone white figures, I even thought of doing a pre-heresy army so I could just paint them all black, but after I heard of a dipping method for skeletons, I figured I would give it a shot.

I used water based Minwax stain, it was about $5 at the hardware store.

I used Testors Ivory paint over primer .

I filled the can to the top by adding a bit of water, and then dunked the figure.

Used some paper towels to soak up the stain that pooled up on the base.

I did a bunch and let them dry , then a second dip

after the second dip the stain has set up nice in the low spots, seems that it works much better on the second dip and has a more even coat.

here is the same figure after I added some thinned down bleached bone to add some highlights and cover some of the stain that was on the high spots that was unwanted.

Some say that you should basecoat eveything first, but I didn't want brown shadows on the rest of the colors on the model so I painted the other colors , washed them with a black wash and highlighted.

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