Monday, February 4, 2008

My 400 Mile Pilgrimage to the L.A. Battle Bunker

I have been past due for a visit to friends in the Los Angeles area for some time, and now that I am recently unemployed, I had no more excuses, so we rented a car and off we went.

The Battle Bunker is in Westminster , south of L.A. and close to Orange County and Disney Land. Unlike some of the other GW stores I have been to , this is in a strip mall, in a suburb.

Walking in, the retail store is fairly small and looks about like any other GW store , although they stock figures for all the smaller games too, like Battle Fleet Gothic , Epic, Mordheim ect., as well as some of the online direct "only" figures that you can see on the GW website, and FORGE WORLD stuff.

The real difference is the gaming room, it is huge with lots of big tables and tons of great terrain , as well as display cases with great painted armies on display with many trophies and awards , and a large painting area as well along with bathrooms and vending machines with drinks and snacks.

the storefront with the trusty rental car ( Avis Pontiac G6 $25 a day unlimited miles and big inside and zippy )

My girlfriend Sylvie with a Dark Angel Space Marine just inside the front door( I told her I wouldn't use this pic but I couldn't resist)

a shot from inside the gaming room looking into the store. Vending machines were just to the left next to the display case.

a couple shots of the gaming room showing the tables, in the far back you can see the painting stations.

racks for the scenery with a giant castle on the top , Sylvie again for scale, she was a real trooper and let me do my thing and geek out.

a very large table 6 feet wide 18 feet long the sign said not to use it as they were seting up a game

smaller 4 by 6 tables, the tables were really top notch.

Forge World Chaos Dredclaw Drop Pod on display.

Chaos Nurgle army, all chaos warriors and plague bearers for troops, the paint work was amazing and the awards were there to prove it.

Fantasy Orks

and 40K Orks

The staff was very nice and helpful , I was kind of in shock and had tons of questions , but they were great , I went after the forge world stuff , and some of it they didn't have in stock, but I bought a few things , and some of the online exclusive figures as a souvenir for the guys back home.

The store manager told me that they were planing to expand the store and model it to look like an Empire village.

I had a great time visiting and recommend it if you can get there.

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