Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Scratch Built 40K Ork Dreadnought 'Def Dred'

Here's my latest project: a scratch built Def Dred, made entirely from scratch with a cost of $5.95 and the realization that you should ALWAYS keep your bitz, because you can never know when you need them. On a how-to, check out the compilation. Balsa wood and cardboard get you quite far. I also raided the local hardware store for good plumming materials, lots of stuff works very well. I tried to copy the normal Dred exactly, check out the comparison with the GW model.

Here he is in his full, unpainted glory. All the red pieces are bits of straw that worked really good in combination with pieces of 40k banner poles to recreate hydraulics of the arms.

The metal clippers on his left arm are made from the typical sprue that you get with the 40K metal pieces, these ones were from the Storm Boyz and had stikbomz attached. I had to shape them a little but not too much. All the other stuff are bitz from everywhere. The black wire is from walkman head phones, that stuff is amazingly easy to work with and it looks great.

Here's a view from the top. I worked really hard in copying the arms exactly, including the size. In the end I took some shortcuts, but oh well...

Here's the back. The yellow stuff is one of those fancy straws, made of really hard plastic. It was hard drilling holes in that. The brown bitz are from a WWII model that I keep stealing from. You can see the wires like very natural; headphone wire is my new favorite bitz.

A close up of the leg. Plastic card works great, not too thick though. The rivets are made using scissors, cut thin strips and cut them up. They will look good painted. The PVA method looks too benign for Ork models; they must look a little rougher.
This shot also shows the straw pretty good.

The saw blade was cut from a turret lid.

This one has burna and a big shoota.

Always try to go for a dynamic position and a nice looking base.

And here he is painted:


  1. That is utterly supreme, well done

  2. WOW!!! When I saw this my mind just kept telling me: Why didn't I think of that? I am sooo gonna build one ofthese and hopefully it will look just as good.

  3. fkn animal when i get some wood bitz and gubinz im gonna build dat

  4. that is really nice, you have succeded well.

  5. Hey, i built myself an Orky dred last night, and came on google to have a look at other people's efforts.
    You put mine to shame sir!

  6. Great job on the Dreadnought! I love the detail you managed to create.