Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weathering Chaos Nurgle

Painted Typhus and wanted to make him dark and rusty and damp, black and chestnut ink washes over green drybrushing. I used 'Ard Coat to make the wet looking highlights.


  1. Love the blog and will add it to my blog feed. Quick question, what was the color green you used to drybrush and what was the ratio mix of your washes?

  2. used camo green over black base I dilute washes 50 percent.

  3. You also added glossy to make it look like he is all wet, right?

  4. I like the effect on my own Typhus I used a snot green with brown on a 1:1
    ratio and then chestnut inks with brown in a 5: 1 : 1 : 1

    thats 5 water 1 chestnut 1 brown and 1 drop of elmers glue

  5. why don;t you send us a jpg and we will throw it on, make a good size image of good quality
    let me know