Sunday, June 1, 2008

Making the Scratch Built Stompa

For the massive Apocalypse we are going to have in July I was bent on constructing one more machine: a giant Ork Stompa. I used the model in the GW Apocalypse book as a model and tried with all my spare bitz to copy or mimic the different weapons.
First the starting point: a used juice bottle.

Then I cut up about 50 cardboard pieces and glued them on in a random fashion.

Using the green stuff rivet method I made it look metally and worn, cutting into the pieces and also creating the skull design in the front.

This is the Stompa finished and based.

He is about 10.5 inches long (there is an Ork on his shoulder, so you can compare). I wanted him leaning back a little like he was waddling, but on my first smaller base he kept falling backwards. I attached him to a larger base which fixed the problem.

I added tons of detail to this one, including the skulls hanging from the bosspole, the gravity is moving them to the left. The big gun has a gretchin manning it, there is the ork on the other shoulder and there is a gretchin on the bottom of this frame, hammering away.

Here's the back view.

I used anything I could get my hands on: straws, pens, old pieces from a peterbilt truck model (thanks John), wire, headphone wire, random toys found in the neighborhood etc. It's great! Love making this Ork stuff.

And here is a close up of some of the weapons:
the psycho dakka blasta:

the defgun:

The close combat arm: a titan and baneblade killer with the Destroyer rule...

A bunch of rokkits (yes one is from FW, I left one rokkit of my Fighta Bomma.. The bigger one on the bottom is an IG shell with a little plastic card (thanks Christian)

and the scorcha:

Here's is his foot with guest...

and his lovely face...

and the overall view from above.

All in all one of my favorite scratch builds that I have done. I hope it inspires more people to do this stuff. Now the paintjob...


  1. Gotta love Da Orks! Any old peice of trash you can lay your hands on can be converted into a random machine of destruction. Let's see the beakies do that!

  2. Because of that brilliant model Im going to try myself thanks!!!

  3. seems a bit skinny... that may just be the ork clan being freaks... but it just seems a bit tipsy to me