Thursday, June 26, 2008

Painting Nurgle Death Guard / Plague Marines

I had an email from a viewer who asked how I paint the Nurgle Deathguard, so here we go, sort of a speed paint version, as I would take more time on a special model, but here is a regular troop.

First black primer.

then a heavy dry brush of a medium green color, I like to mix it up a bit here so they all look a bit different, this time I mixed Goblin Green with Camo Green on the armor.

then a light drybrush of Dark Flesh on the armor and the bolter

and then a light dry brush of Rotten Flesh to the armor, and dry brush some Tinbitz on the bolter and backpack nozzles, then some Boltgun Metal to the same metal bits.

and a wash of Ogryn Flesh wash

and a bit of Bleached Bone on the horns and some 'Ard Kote here and there to add a bit of
dampness and he's done.

Easy and dark and sinister looking.


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  1. Great work on these guys. I like the Death Guard because there are so many ways to paint them. They always seem to come out. But yours suit my taste for dark. Once again, great work!