Sunday, July 6, 2008

More Toys into War Buggies...

A lot of people liked the post about my Ork Warbuggy that was made from a defunct Russian Toy called Robogear. You can find that article on the right in our content list. The Label is the same: Orks: Converting Robogear into a War Buggy.
I wanted to make more and being pretty obsessive AND with the blessing of the readers, I went to Ebay and bought 3 more models, two that are similar to the one already posted and one that was different.

That new one is an awesome model, again with the trakks and the twinlinked rokkits, this one looks a little bit more beefy.

In its previous life it was called the Varan, so if you want one, check out Ebay and look for this one.

In order to make it good enough for Warhammer, I added some things here and there and made an enigmatic driver.

The other two models I tried to make look different from the existing one, here you can see how I fared. I did not do anything except put the pieces together in different places, it's fun to see you can make 3 different models out of one sprue, using the exact same pieces.

One of the drivers here I gave a seatbelt, very un-ork-like, but a nice challenge, the belt came from the Burnaboyz box.

And this one is looking up, waiting for that Thunderhawk to swoop down..

And here are the three new additions one more time.

All in all for about 45 dollars I have 4 outstanding and hard hitting warbuggies that look perfectly fine on the battlefield.
Hope it inspires!


  1. These things are pretty cool. I hope there are still around if I ever get around to an Ork army!

  2. Well done, I liked the first post and I like this one too.

    Nice job.

  3. there awsome, i can't wate to see them painted