Saturday, July 26, 2008

Using the New Citadel Washes on the Forgeworld Fighta Bomma

After some initial hesitation, I am now totally sold on the new washes. They dry up beautifully and the matte finish is exactly what our models needed. Here are some closeups of the Forgeworld Fighta Bomma.

I basically dipped this entire top in Devlan Mud and it looked pretty bad while still wet. But after drying and some extra yellow highlights, everything came together just great. The idea was to make the plane look dirty and war torn; basically this one has been service for decades, flying through polluted environments..

The gun turret got a wash of Sephia, which is a little redder than the Devlan Mud.

Here's a wire on the bottom of the plane. Used the Black Wash for the bottom, including on the bombs.

If you don't use these washes, do it soon! The price for eight of them is 20 dollars, which is good, but hopefully they will split up the colors in bright and dark, because my browns will be done long before the red and the blue..
And here is the hero of the day:



  1. Nice effects.

    You know, I've heard only good things about these washes. Everyone seems to be ranting about them.

    Nice to see the results up close, the model looks great.

  2. I'm glad to find some info on these washes. Still not sure whether to use the Washes or the Inks to weather my Tau with...