Friday, July 11, 2008

Ork Warbike's easy conversion now painted

A while ago I put together 3 warbikes and did some small conversions. You can find that post here: Orks: Warbike Conversion made easy
I finally painted them and decided to put one up.

First of all these bikes didn't come with bases, not sure if that's normal. So I made a base out of WHF movement tray, which is also the basis for the side car.

Then did the tilt, a little ornamentation and voila.

Easy and fun, that how I like it.


  1. Nice job, I imagine to guy in the sidecar doesn't spend much time with his wheel on the ground the way Orks drive.

    I've always been a bit jealous of you Ork modellers and the freedom you have with conversions.

  2. I think the Imperial Guard gives you lots of opportunities as well, but that's about it...maybe chaos marines.

  3. Great conversion... you Ork guys are terrible the way you tempt me to work on another army... damn you!