Saturday, July 19, 2008

Santa Cruz Warhammer is evolving...

Hi folks, a couple of thoughts before I will post another toy-to-warhammer conversion, a plane this time. In the last 30 days we were visited about 4300 times (over 12000 pageviews; thanks everyone!), which is some pretty good growth compared to a couple of months ago. Not surprisingly, most come from Google and people all over the world use it. It seems most people visit our site because they need more info about a certain conversion, technique or paint method and then they move on to the next thing Google has to offer them. We always had a different picture in mind when we started: a local blog for the Santa Cruz area and small amounts of regular visitors. But because of Google Analytics we quickly learned we got hits from everywhere, including Russia, South Africa and India. No one has been more surprised and impressed with that; the power of the internet to bring together so many different people all liking the same kind of stuff is pretty amazing. As we moved along we changed our plans and now we feel like we are becoming a modeling vault, full of different projects that people can try their hand on. We like it this way better and we are SO GRATEFUL for all the comments and emails. We will keep doing what we love and hope you will be inspired.
Lately readers have been requesting to present their work on our blog and yes, that is possible, as long as the photography is a good quality. The armies might end up on a separate site called
Armies of Santa Cruz, so if you have great pictures and you think you can inspire other people with your work, let us know! Armies of Santa Cruz is still completely undeveloped but when it starts rolling we will let you know.
For the coming year, I will start working on different armies and use those to showcase some interesting topics: I will finish my dwarf army and revamp my blood angels into ultra marines. Of course my love for the Orks will NEVER cease, so expect the random entry about those guys as well. John will keep plugging away at the Deathwing and his 10.000 other unpainted models, so it will be a great journey.



  1. I look forward to more great articles from you guys and to seeing your new blog in action. Congrats on the large number of visits too!

  2. Nice to see you guys doing what you do and being able to adapt to your readers.

    Many fortunes with the evolution, I'll be keeping a watch for those occasional Ork conversions.