Monday, July 14, 2008

The Stompa is Painted

A while ago, I showed off my scratch built Ork Stompa, built out of a 10 inch juice bottle, a bunch of cardboard, green stuff rivets and tons of bitz. Here's the original post:
Scratch building the Ork Stompa

I built it for the big Apocalypse game we are playing in a couple of weeks (16.000 points), so the pressure is on to get everything painted. I finally got the Stompa table top ready.

I painted him in the same colors as the one in the Apoc book, I really liked that yellow color and think it looks very spiff on the battle field. (After I was done with this guy, I decided to paint my two Ork planes also in this color scheme: green undercoat, golden yellow dapples, sunburst yellow dapples, a very liberal wash of Devlin Mud, more light golden yellow highlights.)
Here's a dapper warrior, giving his life for the glory of Gork (and good to give indication of scale of this model)

The Tangram design of the massive icon...

The titan close combat weapon with strength D..

My buddy Christian painted a couple of panels in his Imperial Guard urban camo design. After that I weathered the pieces.

Here's a view of the back with some icons on the gas tank

I'm not very good at fancy stuff, this flame painting came out indeed very Orky

The old fantasy bitz box always comes in handy..

Here is the front one more time:

And the back..

This model was a great challenge for me and I am pretty stoked with the result. It will be 600 points of mayhem...
Hope it inspires someone!


  1. Nice job, thanks for the link to the construction post too. It was good to go back and see that part of it.

    Will the shape of that base cause problems?

  2. Pretty mean looking Stompa! I especially like the paint job and the armored bits incorporated with your friends Guard camo scheme. Very cool!

  3. When I was building this, I didn't really think about the base, I had the hardest time finding a base that would keep the stompa upright. As a house rule we will just play from it's feet to measure distance.
    Mike at SCW

  4. nicely done, it is a cool stompa and it look indeed orkish.

  5. personally the real stompa kit is a lot shorter, but great paint job