Monday, September 29, 2008

Introducing Warhammer to children: Part 2

One more post about sharing the hobby with young children. In my previous post I mostly talked about teaching the game to my nine year old daughter, but I am also trying to involve my 5-year old girl. The game is beyond her, instead I painted up one of the Warhammer Fantasy houses for her playmobil. It works great. The building is a tower from the Fortified Manor Set

.....and was very easily converted with some balsa wood and a piece of the Fantasy Fences and walls set.

Before primer I worked on fixing the seams with green stuff, but I was running out of time, her birthday came up much faster then I wanted! Anyway, the sculpt does need a lot of green stuff on the stone work, but oh well, she won't care.
My wife insisted in painting it in happy colors, so the roof got a nice 3 layered red and I painted the doors yellow.

In the end I wanted to keep it usable for my own games and I think that worked out just fine.
And here are some of the new inhabitants...

Long story short: the GW houses for Fantasy make great gifts for kids and it provides hours of wonderful hobbying for us.


  1. Nice job.

    Credit to you for involving your kids in the hobby.

  2. Awww that's so sweet! I still remember my grandfather building a castle for my LEGO! Nothing quite beats a completely rock castle for girls or boys... personally I would have gone with a warmer looking Derbyshire tan sandstone, the granite a little daunting!!

    Great work - keep up the good posts.

    PS: How's her math coming along?

  3. Nice idea, and not a bad idea leaving it so that you could still borrow it for games too! Plus, as she grows into the hobby, she'll already have some terrain.

  4. Very impressive, sir. I applaud your efforts to include your family in the hobby!

  5. My 2 year old girl always wants to look at what I am reading so she has gone through much of the tyranid and space marine codexes. I usually show her the hobby sections since those are in color. She normally does not see my collection since it is in the basement where she is not allowed but I did recently let her hold the new dreadnought and warboss from the starter set.

    She also goes with me into the stores and is very interested in the figure display cases. She even was calling a razorback a rhino one time. Pretty good for a 2 year old who had only seen a picture of one in the back of a codex and asked the question "What's that?" at home.