Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Iron Snake with Sea Lance and Shield

I liked Mike's Iron Snake idea so much I was inspired, and I decided to try one myself.

I figured I would try a different approach on some of the details Mike was having trouble with and since Mike was having issues with the fluffy hand weapons, I decided to give them a go.

In the fluff the sea lance is described as more javelin like and I imagined the Iron Snakes to be almost ancient Greek or Trojan like kind of 300 + 40K , so I added the crest to the helmet and a skirt, used an old shield and made some little snakes from greenstuff one for the shield, one for the shoulder and one for the banner.

here he is so far before paint to show all the bits.

shoulder and shield detail, the helmet crest was a Dark Angels Ravenwing icon that I cut the sword and arm off.

Lance detail

banner top

after the pic at the top of the page I changed the eye color and finished the base, Mike hates my realistic outside backgrounds ( like at the top of this article), so I used his studio style white backdrop to show the finished mini.

and now with the banner

I still kinda like the outside pics with real backgrounds , what do you think?



  1. Another great Iron Snake Marine. I may have to get the book and give it a read soon.

  2. Very cool conversion. Nice job on the sculpted icons.

  3. Outside pics RULE!!!