Friday, September 19, 2008

Painting fine details with India Ink Artist Pens

Some purists will say that it is cheating, but for the modestly talented painters this is a great tool: archival India Ink artist pens.

The pens have ink in them that covers very well on any painted model and it looks great. They come in all different tip sizes and are very useful for painting banners, scrolls, ornamentation and other intricate detail work. Eye liner, shading, the options are endless. I myself only use it when I feel my painting will not do the job.

John has been using these pens for a while now, I started using them on the Iron Snake Slaves
Using the white pen I drew the design and later touched it up with a bit of white. Same with the prayer scroll.

Try it out, it works really well!

You can find the White Pen Touch here
You can find the Faber-Castell Pens here



  1. Good tip.

    I use a similar brand of pens to line my banner artwork and add text to scrolls.

    They can be a real time saver and help you get the detail you wouldn't noramlly be able to get with a brush.

  2. I just bought 2 of the White Pens after reading this to give this technique a go myself! Thanks for the tutorial, I love being able to improvise rather than sticking to paint and brush all the time.


  3. ive tried using pens for scrolls and purity seals but i much prefer a paint brush. i feel i get a much better finish and better control.
    although a fine tip pen is a must for banner detail, i seem to loose control of a brush easier when painting onto paper or card.

    good tip though!