Friday, September 5, 2008

Iron Snakes: Sergeant-Brother Priad of Damocles Squad

Here's is my first finished model of Damocles Squad, the unit that Dan Abnett describes in his novel The Iron Snakes.

Sergeant-Brother Priad is carrying a Lightning Claw that has been handed down for hundreds of years to the squad leader of Damocles.

I have painted the claw with lots of weathering and grime, as it is an old relic that has been used in countless battles.
In the other hand the one-handed bolter with the attack shield.

I didn't elaborate on the shield. The model already is pretty flashy and just wanted the gold and bronze contrasting with the red, white and blue.
Here's the back with the many scrolls. Iron Snakes are very superstituous (or religious) and I would think most models will receive some scrolls with prayers on them.

I didn't model the Sea Lance that he uses in battles against Orks, but I will model a slave that will carry that sacred weapon right behind him. That method has been described in the Iron Snakes novel and was really interesting to read. The slaves would reload bolters and clean lances, in the middle of battle!.
I liked the idea of writing the name on the base, saw that done on some Dave Taylor models in the Gaunts Ghosts model range.

Next up: Brother Andromak, the banner carrier who also shoots with an ancient plasma gun..
Hope it inspires!


  1. This guys look sharp! He's got a lot of personality already, I can't wait to see his slave.

  2. I didn't realize how good the silver with the white shoulder pad and red trim looks.

    Nice job.

  3. NICE!! I luved the book and its really cool to see what he looked like in real life. hope to see brother Andromak soon