Friday, November 21, 2008

Space Marine Dwarf

I have been thinking of a space marine army to take advantage of the new codex and I like dwarves.

I wonder why they got rid of Squats?

I decided to model a dwarf sized space marine.

I imagined that there might be a planet, a forge world with very strong gravity, so strong that it has been attracting all different sorts of space rocks that are deposited all over and can be mined to make weapons and stuff.

If this forge planet had a space marine chapter, perhaps the gravitational force might even overpower the geneseed; not a mutation but a result of severe conditioning.

Of course this mineral rich soil would grow just the right crops to make beer.

So here he is: he is short, fearless and likes beer.

in the grim darkness of the future there is only beer.

here he is offering a drink to a regular marine.



  1. There's something not right about it... I just can't put my finger on it because the conversion looks so good.

    Nice job.

  2. how does he drink in his helmet? Does he inhale it through the vents?

  3. Certainly is different. xD

    Looks good though, its a well done conversion.

  4. Space Marines cannot get drunk(modified dna and all that) :(

    It might as well be apple juice...

  5. @ anonymous

    Must be a very very very potent (or some kind of special) hops and barley.

    now I want one.

  6. Coolness- but how did you make it? I would love to field one that size as Space Marine captain. It would get lots of comments.

  7. @RonSaikowski

    The Squat has no knees anymore. Im assuming thats what you're missing. Unless it was more of a not right in the general sense of the idea.
    Happened to have a squat discussion with a mate earlier this week so this is coincidence at its finest.