Sunday, November 9, 2008

Warhammer and young children: my 9-year old did this..

So I have been playing every week with my 9-year old daughter. We play from the Generals Compendium (great book to introduce kids to the hobby)..
or the skirmish book...
...(find those on Ebay, they are both great, even for experienced players)..
and our battles have about 225 points each. It's great fun. But she showed an interest in an old shaman model that I once picked up for 99cts in a dark corner of the hobby store. Well, she painted this guy up in a wonderful fashion, using some of my advice but doing all the work herself.

Here's a close up of the skulls, which she worked on for a while.

I think it came out pretty good (yes I am a proud father) and she is definitely pleased with it. She is able to focus on small things for a long time, so to her painting kind of comes naturally. If you want to improve your child's attention span, try the modeling or painting, it seems to me to be an excellent developmental tool for teaching your kids focus and small motor skills (not to mention the artistic part of it).
I am not sure if my daughter will do another one, but who cares? We had fun together making it work and next up is another Sunday morning game..
Play Warhammer with your kids!


  1. Wow, that looks really good.
    Both of you should be proud.

  2. I agree with Ron! She's done a great job with it. I've got my 10year old boy interested in 40k, he's more of a director than a details man; he's asking me when I'll get to his models according to his directions on painting :) but we're having fun building his models and playing too.

  3. I'm really impressed, that model looks incredible! That's impressive work full stop, let alone from one of the early attempts by a nine year old! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Strewth!

    I Know I can't paint better than that - and I certainly use a more limited palette!

    Well done indeed, and thanks to both of you!

  5. Holy moly! Is she going to be taking commissions? Seriously though, that is great work regardless of age.

  6. Amazing job! As a teacher of 9-12 year olds I wish more of them would get more chances to focus and concentrate on a task for longer periods of time than what they learn from being stuck to the tv or xbox all day.

    You're absolutely right that the skill of just being able to focus attention on something through till completion is a great thing to work on in almost any respect.

    Amazing work too. Wow.