Friday, January 2, 2009

Santa Cruz Warhammer is looking for help!

We are looking for talented modelers to help us keep Santa Cruz Warhammer fresh and new every week. We are currently getting about 6000 visits a month and that number is slowly growing. People from all over the world are checking in with us, looking for inspiration and tips to make their Games Workshop models look even better.
We are looking for:
-a great modeler who loves to think outside the box, likes to scratch build and has set a high standard for her/himself. We need great photos (see our blog for examples), but we can finish up any images if we have to. We need this person to be actively busy with the hobby so can compare early stages of a project with finishing stages. At this point we are looking a one post every two weeks.
Interested? Send an email to Mike at

Make sure to add pictures of your work so we can have a good look at it.

All this is for the love of the game and there will be no money involved. SCW will NOT add Adsense to make the site as inviting as possible.


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