Friday, February 13, 2009

Check out Dave Taylor's blog!

I need to do this once and then shut up about it: Dave Taylor is pretty much my hero in modeling. I know, I am a professional photographer, have two kids, a family to take care off, friends who don't even know I do this modeling because they wouldn't understand it anyway and all that stuff. BUT, despite all my 'serious things', I am still a kid at heart. The joy of doing the modeling, the converting and the painting are immense. After I put the girls to bed, do the dishes and clean up, I have about an hour to model before I am utterly exhausted and reluctantly have to put down the brush and knife to go to bed. I never want to, mind you, I'd rather keep modeling. Despite all this, I am pretty sure I will never get bored with it, having modeled since I was about 11 (almost 40 now). Dave Taylor must be like that, except that his talent allowed him to do it during the day and during the night. His catalog has always been an inspiration for me; his conversions are creative, his paint job beautiful and I love the fact he tries to add a story to his models, put them in a context. It can be general 40K lore (like the Custodian Guard) or maybe a Dan Abnett character. That to me is so nice: giving your model a story, some background, without making it too obvious.
Anyway, here is Dave Taylor's new blog:

He is working on the Blood Pact right now; which are being described in the Gaunts Ghost's novels by Dan Abnett. Great stuff.
Hopefully he will show us some of his great works, like the Grenswick 33rd (hope I spelled it right) and the Cathay Army, which was a real tour de force to create, I would imagine. But there are no images online or those 2 armies and that is a shame, since they are really great to explore options and mostly, to be inspired by...
Here are some of his models that I could find online:

This tank he is showing on his blog right now, look at all the clean work

Pre heresy...all the torsos were made

another unit, no info

That's pretty impressive..

Custodian before the paint job

and after

So go over to his site and better yet, start your own blog and inspire people with your work. We love it, we can't live without it.
By the way; this is post number 100 for Santa Cruz Warhammer. Hurray!


  1. Great find Mike, Dave Taylors modelling is truly inspiring.
    By the way if was to choose a career, it would be a profesional photographer!.
    Sometimes i think it's good to be an enthusiastic amateur.

  2. I found the site the other day as well, very good to see him putting stuff up online.