Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Here's an easy scratch built Def Rolla!

I have been following Jeff Hall's blog, the Adepts Forge, for a few weeks now. Check it out, Jeff is a really talented modeler who has had his share of fame in the Warhammer world. Very creative and very playful with his conversions, be sure to check out the Grot Tanks!
Anyway, I was reading his post about his scratch built Def Rolla (click here) and thought that it was easy enough for someone like myself. So here is my version of it.

I made it for my buddy Christian, who said he would like to play with it on his Battlewagon (which I used in these photos) This entire piece is made of stuff you can buy at the hardware store: some gears, some electrical parts, some tubing for sprinklers and a couple of specific machine parts that didn't look familiar to me at all, but I immediately saw their value on the Def Rolla.
It took me a good hour to puzzle all these things together, but the result was a clean and lean design.

I made sure that the arms extended not too far foward, so that the roller itself rests on the front of the Battle Wagon. I didn't want to glue it, in case Christian wants to play with out it. This way you can pick it up without the roller falling off or moving underneath the wagon. I also made sure the rolla had the right size proportions to the rest of the vehicle.

I did magnetize the arms for extra sturdiness.

I knew Christian AND the Orks would like the heads on there...

And I added a few ornaments to the side..

Easy enough right? The hardware store is a very inpspriring place, just like the Adept's Forge.



  1. That looks pretty good! The only thing that bothers me are the spikes. I think I'd rather see razor wire wrapped around the central pole. Or more substantial spikes. The spikes you've got look a little weedy.

  2. Very nice! I'm off to check out the Adepts Forge page you mentioned.

  3. Yep, I know, my wife said the same thing: those spikes are not realistic. I did it anyway, because I really wanted to use the back end of our little dental floss thingies. Personally I think it looks all right and would be devastating once caught underneath one...
    Mike at SCW

  4. Mike, nice job! Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I am really glad you are enjoying it! Keep up the great work. I hear you will be joining us for our Stegadon Conversion Challenge. Awesome news!