Sunday, February 1, 2009

My Finished Chaplain Dreadnought

I have finally finished my Chaplain Dred,

I made a Data sheet here, and started the project here,

I added a Plasma Cannon and Forge World power claw and got the paint done , I never liked the Games Workshop Venerable Dred kit much ( I think it looks like a chicken ), but its Gothic touches made it a good model to convert into my Chaplain Dred.

I am not too sure about the Plasma soulder pad in the Deathwing colors, I might make it green or even black but for now I can still swap it to one of my Deathwing Ven. Dreds as all my Dreds have magnetized arms.



  1. Great effort! I love what you've done here the only moan I have (and this is nothing to do with you) the plasma cannons look stupid on dreadnoughts they need to re-model that bit or something

  2. I think he looks great. THe shoulder pad gives him just that right touch. Throw a few scriptures on it and viola, cause nothing says chaplain like a scripture. HE looks awesome as is though. Great work

  3. Great work mate, he looks awesome, especially the work on the skull face!