Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Good Bargains I have been Finding .

So, here are some inexpensive items that I have been finding and using with my Warhammer hobby.

The first item was free, this is the bottom half of a take home box from the Cheesecake Factory, the closest one to me is in the same mall as the closest Games Workshop store.

I love eating at this place even though the food is kind of expensive, and there is almost always a long wait, the mashed potatoes are awesome and even though I never eat desert, and I am allways stuffed, I have to get a slice of the cheese cake, they put it in this plastic box thing.

When I was staring at the cheese cake in this box, eating it and sadly watching it dissapear, I noticed an interesting pattern molded into the plastic. One side looks like dots but the other side looks like a mesh or grate. I thought it could be used well on a space marine base as decking or on a building or vehicle as venting. Now I have another excuse to go there.

Next up and also free is this lid from a Simply Apple juice bottle, I have drank lots of apple juice, and this stuff is the best, it is brown and looks kind of weird, but it tastes awesome. It is in the refrigerated isle with the OJ, but be careful because they put this right next to some organic stuff that looks almost the same and is usually a little cheaper, but its sour and tastes like crap, and don't get the Simply orange juice, it is also crap. Here is the lid.

Its just the right size for a 60mm base to sit on for a dreadnought or monstrous creature, I think I will use it for a display base, could also be used as a part of a building.

Next up is Bondo brand Spot putty, this stuff is from the auto parts store, and about 2.50 or 3 bucks. and this little tube will last forever.

I use this stuff for gooping up bases and blending in stuff and hiding slots in slotta bases, also is great for filling seams in plastic model kits you can use the liquid plastic glue with the brush and just dip it into this stuff and brush it into the seams, as the glue softens the filler.

I found this next deal at the local dollar store, its a mini tripod for a camera.

Keeps my little pocket digital camera steady for my blog pics, legs extend and it swivels down for overhead shots. It was $1.

I found this plastic silo at the flea market .

It was in a box full of toy farm stuff, $1.

Last was a deal I got on Ebay, I have allways liked skeletons since I was a kid and saw a Sinbad movie, and have threatened to build some up for a fantasy army, So I bought a Vampire Counts army book and found 40 skeletons ( two of the older boxes of 20 ) on Ebay for $26. plus $10 shipping which is only 90 cents per figure, which is great, also you get a bunch of left over skulls and stuff.

I decided to use washes on these guys, for a simple paint job, assembled and based, and white primer (which is a first for me)

then a wash of Gryphonne Sepia, I think I will do a brown base on the wood before I wash it in the future.

It looks really nice after it is dry, I am going to enjoy these little guys.



  1. Great free stuff!

    And you know, I was affected the same way by that Sinbad movie. I also loved the big mechanical Minotaur in one. Anyway, I also have played around with some skeletons for Fantasy. Perhaps one day in the far flung future we can have a skeleton painting race!

  2. Oi! No dishing organic food brother..

  3. I saw something similar last week (the cheescake tray). If you can find a way to nest it into a piece of foam with some sloped edges, you would have a perfect foxhole or partial trench.