Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Pilgrimage to the L.A. Battle Bunker!

Last week I took a trip with the family to Disneyland, a mere 6 hours drive south of Santa Cruz in Los Angeles. The Emperor certainly protects, since the LA Battle Bunker was located about 5 miles from Disneyland. Figure that in a city of 10 million people...
Anyway I made the deal with the wife that on the way back I could spend an hour browsing which is what I did.
The GW guys there were great thereand after I told them I would report on their store on Santa Cruz Warhammer I could take any pictures I want and they were extremely helpful in general.
Here are some of the things I saw:

The huge battle room with all the tables filled with amazing terrain for Fantasy, 40K and LotR.

Some cool terrain with great elevation

They are always working on a new project over there...

and then over to the display cases. First off the now famous Warlord Titan, scratchbuilt and featured on BOLS.

This is the most amazing kitbashed or scratchbuilt model I have ever seen and this thing is HUGE. Look at the top of the Warhound at the bottom of the picture...here are some details:


Sorry for the reflections in the glass.
Here are the two armies of the guys who work there, really nice models:


I noticed this darkly painted Vostroyan Army, has a great color scheme, very inspring indeed:

A great Sisters of Battle retinue:

A wonderfully painted Space Marine Army

and of course some mechanized power..

Here's a great variant on the Skullhamma

Here are the two little babies of the Warlord Titan, number 1:

and number 2 (great looking base)

Part of the excitement of going to the bunker is their drawers full of Forgeworld stuff...

If I were to live in LA, the hobby would be so much more expensive. I picked up a bunch of things, some for myself, some for my buddy Christian but the bill topped $250.00 in no time.
Here were some of the goodies:
An gun platform, always handy and really cool looking

Some gravshutes (on the left) for the drop troops jumping out of the Valkerie

Some Ravenor books I was looking for for a while and the box on the right has two tanks in it:
the FW Hellhound and the FW Manticore, all to support the empire...
Thanks to the wonderful staff at the Bunker in LA for a great vibe and great service, I can advise everyone to check out this great place.

PS, if anyone at the bunker knows whose armies we have featured, let me know the names and I will add them. Send a message to mike.tess@charter.net. Cheers!


  1. Oh dear sweet jesus so many titans and one place...next riot I know where I am looting, seriously though nice snaps

  2. LA BattleBunker's like a disney version of the WarhammerWorld in Nottingham... great snaps and great write-up. The ForgeWorld goodies certainly are addictive...

    I always love driving stories in the States... 6 hours driving! Crikey, in the UK that's called France!

  3. Very cool. Battle Bunkers are fun.

  4. Looks like a great visit. I agree that it would be very expensive to live near a Battle Bunker! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  5. I had no idea this place was so close to Disneyland - now that I do, the wife and I will have to stop by when we're at Blizzcon & Disneyland in August... WOOT!

  6. I live about 2 hours through LA traffic from the store, and though I only go about three times a year it's always fun. I'm actually going on Saturday. Can't wait to see that titan!

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  8. interesting. I went there last Saturday and it was a horrible disappointment. I went to take a look at the big 40K tourney they had and it turned out that the store now opens an hour later. The tourney started late and the armies were mostly unpainted. Plus the attendance was very low, maybe 20 players. This is the only 40K tourney they had scheduled for the next 6 months, so i thought it would be well attended. As the icing on the cake I was constantly accosted by a store employee who would not leave me alone. Also, if you had ordered the FW directly from the UK, yo would have saved yourself at least $50, maybe even more.

  9. Just exciting!
    I hope there could be such a great gaming table once in Germany.
    I fear the moment the enemies are faced with this huge amount of titans ;)
    great work!