Monday, April 20, 2009

LOTR Treeman for my Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves

I never liked the spidery, scary looking treemen from the Warhammer fantasy line, so I decided to use the new plastic Lord of the Rings Treeman kit as a Fantasy treeman for my Wood Elves.

When I think of a treeman, this is what I think of. I just put him on a 50mm square base, painted him up and based with some stones and static grass.

here is a pic with some figures for size comparison



  1. I have done the exact same thing. I just wish the model was easier to put together.


  2. It was a bit of trouble,

    what I do is use very small dots of CA with accelerator to hold it while the plastic glue drys.

  3. Awesome idea, I may have to steal it myself if you don't mind as I agree with you about the Fantasy treeman, it just isn't quite right in regards to what it could have been. Quick question though, how tall is this model? I know LoTR models are a slightly smaller scale than the Fantasy range, but does this affect the appearance of the Treeman drastically, or does it easily fit in with the range of Fantasy scale minis?

  4. the size was a bit of a concern of mine as well, he's about 5 1/2 inches / 14cm total height, and I think suitably monsterous, using the base size, it would be hard to use anything much bigger.

    I will add a pic with a figure.

  5. I'm not so keen on the LOTR Treeman for use in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. He looks a bit too disinterested to me. More like he's out for a stroll than out to rip an axe wielding Orcs head from his torso ;)

    I agree though that the current WFB Treemen are somethign of a missed opportunity. They could have done better I think.

    I'll be back !

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  6. Thanks for adding the comparison pic, it definately looks like it would fit in nicely with a Wood Elves force, and that height works out too - not too large, but just right for a Treeman. I really like the way you have painted your big fella, very realistic looking. I know what Sigmar means about him looking disinterested, but I actually think that it plays well to the strong character of a treeman. They have lived for hundreds or thousands of years and by now have probably gotten fed up of having to keep waking up to kill more Orcs, so they simply do it, and get back to sleep. Ok maybe not just like that, but anything is better than the GW Wood Elves Treeman