Saturday, April 25, 2009

The other entry for the Stegadon Conversion Contest

We had two entries in Dave Taylor and Jeff Hall's Stegadon Conversion Contest. Click here for the end result. Thanks Dave and Jeff for hosting it AND ...John won (Congrats! The best entry for sure) But I had so much fun making mine, I want to share it with all of you as well.
Here is the end result, the baby squiggoth with bionik legs and mobile pulsa rokkit launching pad.

Right, so I started out flipping the beast around, thereby being able to raise the head.
In the back I added the other head from the kit and shaved off the details. Then a lot of green stuff to make it all solid and the addition of the bionik legs.

The howda was built around the original lizardmen one.

I used a ton of pieces from the old cardboard building fire base set from back in the day, that came with some plastic pieces, very good conversion stuff.
For the launching ramp I used of mixture of sprue and a piece from Lego Bionicles, which gave me the ability to make it swivel, which makes for a more lively enactment during battle.

Here are all the pieces before painting.

Although in Apocalypse the Pulsa Rokkit is an immobile weapon, it made sense to me that the Orks would try something crazy like put it on a Squiggoth, strengthen it in the Mek shop and try it out. I tried to tell a story on the model using two grots, a Runtherd whipping away at the poor animal and the Gretchin and the Mekboy, which is actually an Orc model from Confrontation. I just retooled his staff a little.

Here is a composite of some of the details. You notice that I removed the crest of the Stegadon's head and instead built him a helmet, just like the Mek boy. John came up with that idea, basically moving away from the Stegadon even more and adding some humour to it as well.

I can't wait to use this thing in my next Apoc game!


  1. Amazing! Love the work you put on it, it looks real dang good!

    Good job, it's not easy from what I can see...

  2. The howda looks a little big, but still a great model. The nurgle one as well.

    I plan on using this kit and 2 carnifew kits and making a MEGAFEX. May have to get the Forgeworld carnifex parts to have weapons and a carapace that truly do it justice.

  3. This gives me the same feeling as when i first saw Orktimus Prime. Hope you dont mind if i try to copy this idea, it just looks so amazing.