Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making Imperial Guard Heavy Weapons Mobile

I have never understood how some of the heavy weapons in 40K are supposed to be carried.

Space Marines have powered armor to help heft huge heavy weapons around the battlefield, but even with two men, I have a hard time believing a Guard heavy weapon team is going to be lugging along a lascannon, the thing is huge.

I decided to add wheels and a carriage to mine, so these poor bastards can roll it into position, and I think it looks good with the theme of my Ardwick 23rd, like a WWII anti tank gun.

I made an axle and legs from square sprue and used some tank road wheels from a Dragon 1/35 Russian T34 tank model that I bought at the flea market that was missing a few parts. I mounted the power pack on the side of the lascannon behind the shield and added an aiming scope to the other side and a ring on one of the legs to give it the look that it could be towed and a few plate details of thin plastic card and some PVA glue rivets here and there.

Using this method is a great way to stretch out your heavy weapons plastic sets as you can make carriages for the bigger guns and use the provided tripod for something lighter. I also used a standing figure as the second crewman to conserve the squatting models for other gunners.

I used the same dark green for the gun that I have been using on the helmets and armor bits with a bit of rust and weathering.



  1. I like the wheeled look. On one hand, the wheels look old-timey, but on the other hand? Guard's going to take what they can get, and it IS portable.

    Still, on wheels, I have to think you'd need a vehicle to tow it into position with.

  2. A Pak-40 anti-tank gun on its wheeled carriage could be manhandled by its gun crew into new positions and pulled a short distance. Wheels are an enormous source of leverage and one thing is for sure, I NEVER understood the emplaced support weapons. If a support team cannot displace and move their cannon/mortor/etc. to the next location, you might as well pull them from the board. It's plain stupid that the actual models don't have any wheels. The only reason you don't see more wheels in use in modern army support weapons is there are fewer "heavy" support weapons like recoilles rifles, .30 calibers, and the like as they were too heavy and the infantry of today is largely mechanized - so most support weaponry is on a vehicle. But if you don't have an APC to carry you, that Javelin, TOW, or 40mm grenade system gets very heavy, very fast.

  3. I came to the same conclusion. I have put my lascannon on carriages for my Vrak renegade army.

    All WWI and II field support artillery, from heavy MGs up were on wheels, with the exception of light mortors. The latter can be broken down into manageable loads.


  4. Outstanding, I really dig the Wheeled look. It gives 'em a very WWII feel which is a good thing with your guard. IMHO


  5. I did something similar to this on my Praetorian Lascannon teams, adding wheels to the old-skool Lascannon frame.

    However I've got to admit that your version looks far better. If I ever do retro fit my IG, I think I'll be returning here to 'borrow' some ideas :)

  6. Just a superb model: The mortar and the Missile Launcher makes sense, but the Heavy bolter, Lascannon and Autocannon are HUGE - bring on the wheels!

  7. You've got a great look with this one. I too think wheels are the way to go with IG. Like suneokun said, the three biggies are just too heavy to do without them.

    I keep looking for a reliable source of wheels that would look the same across my army. I haven't had luck yet with anything short of kit bashing, which can get expensive.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments,

    Raptor - this gun would be towed to the battle but the crew (with help of the other 8 guys in the squad) would move it around on the field.

    James - I had the German PAK guns in mind when I decided to do this.
    I always wondered how a lascannon team was supposed to fit in a Chimera with 8 other guys, this way it can be towed.

    Kevin- I went with tank road wheels, this kit has 20 of them as well as lots of other gears and other nice bits.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  9. Awesome!

    I'm thinking on using Zvezda's Medieval Field Powder Artillery to do something like this.

    It could be for an IG army drafted from a Feudal World.