Monday, May 11, 2009

Play with models you LOVE, Part 2

Here's a perfect example of trying to squeeze in models that have no place (up until now) anywhere in my games but are so cool and fun to paint: Schaeffer's Last Chancers.

I have had these models for ages and I have fingered them many a time, looking at them with respect and admiration but having NO clue what to do with them. I bought them as a set from GW Direct for 35 bucks and there are a bunch of models.

And then comes the new IG codex with a penal legion. Perfect!

Here is the group that I have done so far. I am envisioning an IG army that fights in hot and sandy areas so I have painted these guys in different shades of brown, making sure they all look different. The color that binds them is the red on smaller artefacts on their body. I decided not to paint their eyes as to give them models a more rugged look.

Great thing about these models is that each of them has it's own character. They are really excellent models and the sculptor (does anyone know?) did an oustanding job making the models active and imposing.

Here is the Australian, I based him already, the rest still need their base.

Here is the Cossack, my favorite one of the bunch. Love his bag.

Here is the Crazy Guy with wiring all over him, his sculpt was fun to paint.

Here is the Chinese officer, he would also make a nice Kommisar.

And here is the Indian

Not all of the models in this set can be used in the Penal Unit, because this unit doesn't have heavy weapons or other special things. The Indian for instance has a plasma pistol, so I will find a different unit for him. There is a great model of Rocket Girl, a woman with an awesome missile launcher that I used to make a normal Heavy weapons squad. More about her later in the week or so.

Hope this inspires! Here is the link to this illustrious group of models (scroll all the way to the bottom):


The Last Chancers have their own novel, written by Gav Thorpe. It's actually quite allright and makes it more fun to paint these guys up.


  1. Oh man I love the goggle trooper and he even has a pointy goate, damn I will have to track that one down now I want one, great choice I hope to see more of your classic stuff.

    BH Senior Editor

  2. Man I forgot how much I love the Last Chancers miniatures. I can't wait to see the rest!

  3. I think the "Indian" model would make a great Guardsman Marbo.

  4. Oni: that is a great idea, I hadn't thought of that at all..this stuff is what blogs do well, the current Marbo is faily modest looking guy.
    Syxx: the goggle trooper has also augments in the back of his head, which look great.

  5. Got the same problem you have, but here's what I'm doing:
    Shaefer = Captain Al'rahem
    the Crazy Guy = Master Vox (with the right backpack)
    Chinese Officer = Commissar
    Australian + Rocket Girl = missile launcher team
    Heavy Bolter guy = Sgt. Harker
    the wounded guy = downed pilot, ie: Fleet Officer

    not sure on the rest, but love the idea of the indian = Marbo.