Friday, June 12, 2009

A new design for a Mechanized Rough Rider!

After tackling my first Mechanized Rough Rider, based on a Micro Arts model (see post here), I was itching to start a different take on the same idea. Well, here is the result.

This one is based on a Tamiya Ketten Kraftrad 1/48 scale and a menagerie of different models. We will go over it so you can pick and choose if you want to replicate this project.
I really wanted to build this kit and it even came with a little tank, called Goliath which the Germans used as a remote controlled bomb (WWII Goliath >Forgeworld Cyclops...). I am thinking of using that little thing as a Tankbustas toy for my Ork Army. Anyway, back to business here:

I built it without changing anything. The only part I left out was the seat where the German soldier would sit. Instead I widened that part a little so I could fit an old plastic cog into the hole, in which the torso could sit sturdily.
I always envisioned adding the torso of the Micro Arts track model in it, but was equally determined not to remake the model I had already done. So instead of the head that comes with Micro Arts resin kit, I opted for a head from the new Pig Iron infantry squads. Looks gloomy and servitor like...
The guardman came out just as I envisioned: active, aggressive and determined. I started with cutting him up and glueing him excactly how I wanted him. John did a post on that method before, check out how he cuts up a first edition Space Marine and repositions him to make him look ready for 5th edition, it all right here.
Using this method I glued the body back together and waited an entire night. Then used Apoxie Sculpt and rebuilt his body. This is the best way to make a pose look realistic. The guy is really holding on to the rail and his legs are in active hold, waiting for the right moment to disembark.
The lance with the explosive is similar to the first model I built, using the Rokkit from the Ork bitz box. His backpack comes from a Chaos Space Marine pack, I will do a post on how to make these and other cool IG backpacks next week.
I am not a very good sculptor and will sand off most of the flaws on his leg.
The base is a nice one from DragonForge. I find a lot of pleasure in positioning the model in an active manner, using the terrain design to my advantage. It took many tries to have the model sit on there just the way I wanted it. The one thing I didn't dare to do was making the tracks look realistic, based on where they would really be on the rocky soil with real suspension...that is for the next one.
I added a couple of Imperial Eagles to make it instantly Guard. For playing, this model will of course follow the normal stats of the Rough Riders in the IG codex.

This is a good example of not letting the game rules stand in the way of a fun project. As long as you can kinda fit it in, it should be good. Make it look cool!

Hope this inspires someone out there..paintjob will follow after this weekend.


  1. I like it - that is a very cool interpretation of the rough rider idea. After seeing your last attempt I re-worked the hunting lances to use the Rokkit bits as well, as I too had a mess of ork bits lying around. You can see my take on the rough riders here.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Great stuff, love the dirt bikes! Do they come in different positions?
    Glad you like the rokkit-to-lance idea.
    Mike at SCW

  3. I love an imaginative kit bash and this job is a good'un.

  4. I got the bikes from Ramshackle Games - there's two styles of bike, a motocross style (which I used) and a "harley" style. Both are available with and without integral legs, but they're all cast with both wheels on the ground. With a little work it's possible to remove them from the resincast bases they come attached to...

  5. Great pose overall. Full of action and determination. I like chaos jump pack conversion in there too. Very nicely done!

  6. Very creative conversion! Now, would that be a 2 wound model like the Space Marine Attack Bike? ;)

  7. Like the star wars type servitor /drone pilot idea. I must admit I did some thing similar for my Blood Angel scouts using a 1/35 scale model using one as a driver with two bouncing along on the back "safari style" and counted it as an attack bike two bolters on the mudguards and a heavy bolter mounted on a rail above the drivers head. perhaps your rough riders would like a special weapon option mounted in a similar fashion?

  8. hi anonymous, do you have pictures where we can have a look?
    Mike at SCW