Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Anything but a One.

I was practicing my new speed painting technique, and figured I should build a funny mini.

I stole the idea from this motivational poster.

the paint was a base of Dark Angels green, with some very hard outline highlights in goblin green, with heavy green wash, black wash and green wash again, it really blended everything together very well. I even used a red wash over white on the eyes.



  1. Better than a 1 or 2 with the old rapid fire gets hot rule.

  2. That is so funny! Seriously made my night. The last thing you would expect from a Space Marine, but hey there's always 1! No pun intended. Ok fine it was intended.

  3. Hey, not even power armor will save you 100% of the time from that kind of explosive mis-hap.

    It's a good use for not only plasma, but all those missile launcher arms that just don't get used, too.

  4. Lol! I wonder if there is a way to sculpt him so his hand is covering something lower... something he might consider a little more important! Seriously, nice work!

  5. Just awesome, simply awesome.

  6. Great model - definitely needs some 'lighting effects' where the plasma light is spilling over onto the model. Would 'highlight' (excuse the pun) the impending disaster of plasma and tie the paintjob in with the pose.