Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Commissar Conversion for the Ardwick 23rd

The boys of the Ardwick 23rd are tough as nails, but in the face of impending doom and the horrors of battle, even they may need the inspiration and unwavering resolve of a Commissar.

I used the Commissar with powerfist and decided for a heroic pointing pose rather than using the arm holding a book. The arm is a modified Cadian plastic arm that I added a pointing finger to. I greenstuffed a cuff for his glove and used spot putty to smooth everything in.

I normally do my own boring basing, but for this hero I decided to use this great resin base with gears from Dragon Forge, it is of the highest quality I have seen, very well made, it required no clean up and looks great. Dragon Forge also sells some nice bendy hoses that are much nicer to work with than guitar string and look really great. So support this small business and buy something (or at least hit the link and check it out), you will be happy you did.

In keeping with the style of My Ardwick 23rd I added a gas mask from plastic sprue and greenstuff.

So there he is, ready to inspire the troops of the 23rd.

The base that I used for this project will be part of a great GIVE AWAY at the end of this week. Jeff from Dragon Forge donated a set of 25mm, 40mm and 60mm bases to Santa Cruz Warhammer so we can give it away and inspire you readers to be even more creative then you already are. Everyone will win in this one, because besides the winner, every reader from Santa Cruz Warhammer get's a free gift from Dragon Forge if they place an online order after the post, mentioning Santa Cruz Warhammer. Keep an eye out for this one!



  1. Very nice conversion. Simple, which works best IMO.

  2. Innovative conversion. Your blog is very nice. Wish you all the best. God is Great.

  3. Cool conversion. Really emphasises the commissar telling the men to attack. Lookis like I'll have to start getting some practice in with green stuff.

    - Courtney @ Cadian 127th

  4. Very nice. Well converted and very well painted. :)

  5. I liked what you did there... so much so that i did it myself if you don't mind, thought it looked alot better than that little book. ;) good job hope to see more of your work.