Friday, July 3, 2009

Placing your Mech Rough Rider in a story on a 40mm base....

I wanted to make this Mech Rough Rider a version with a remote controlled vehicle. I read this post at Paul Chana's Exponent Wargames. I like how Paul on his blog tells a story with his models and I wanted to try my hand on doing that as well; as opposed to building a soldier in the heat of battle.
I'll take you through it:

I started with this Tamiya set.
I already used up the Ketten Kraftrad here, but still had the little Goliath left over.
I modified it using all kinds of different bitz; most of you will recognize some of these butchered pieces, never ever throw anything away..a good example is the front circular vent which is from an old spacemarine backpack. To curve the blanket, I heated it with a match, don't do this inside!
Adding the Imperial Eagle felt good and made it instantly 40k-like.

The base is from Dragon Forge, a little masterpiece if you ask me, but hard to fit all this onto. I used sticky tac to try out different poses.
I wanted the soldier to sit and look at a map. I strove for a regal, yet grizzled look, this guy is the commander of this group Rough Riders. The Catachan head worked great on the Cadian torso.
The legs were hard and if I was a better sculptor I could make this so much better.
The map is just plain paper.
For the previous Rough Riders I used Ork Rokkits for the lance explosive, but this time I used the rocket from the Basilisk Sprue.

Here is the job painted up.
I added a lasgun, leaning against the little tank, although the Rough Riders don't have a lasgun, it made more sense to me that this Sergeant would not leave for his mission without his trusted gun. It just can't count in a game!

On the back the toolbox. I painted it red, just to create a spot color with the map and the red on his jacket.
I made a carve in his face (his left side), trying to make it look like a scar...oh well.
Here's another side view
He is also part of the proud Bishkek 2nd, 1st regiment Mech Rough Riders.

All in all, the fun thing about this model was the building of the story and the challenge of making the legs and fitting everything on one base. I loved it, maybe you should try something like that as well!

The amazing base that I used for this project will be part of a wonderful Give Away at the end of next week. Jeff from Dragon Forge donated a set of 25mm, 40mm and 60mm bases to Santa Cruz Warhammer so we can give it away and inspire you readers to be even more creative then you already are. Everyone will win in this one, because besides the winner, every reader from Santa Cruz Warhammer get's a free gift from Dragon Forge if they place an online order after the post, mentioning Santa Cruz Warhammer. Keep an eye out for this one!



  1. Awesome! I'd love to get some nice bases for my Evil Sunz army.

  2. Great looking mini-diorama. And yeah Jeff does amazing work.

  3. Looks awesome!!! It reminds me I need to do more small diorama hero type bases.

  4. thanks Jeff from Dragon Forge. Yeah, this base really spoke to me when I bought it, although it was ages ago and never really knew what to do with it..until now. I firmly believe that you should buy stuff you like, regardless of options to use it. There will always be a time that you can utilize something you like.
    Mike at SCW

  5. What a great model! I really like the freehand on the map and how realistic the bricks look, not to mention the great model behind the soldier - Must have taken a good few bits and pieces to put that together as well as you did. Nice work!