Thursday, July 2, 2009

Run, Fatboy! Ogre to Ogryn conversion & Nurgle MkIb Rhino

I have always liked Ogres. Since I am 6ft 5in and near 300 pds, I guess I kind of identify with them, so I decided that I would build some for my Ardwick 23rd.

I had a bunch of extra Fantasy Ogres, and had thought of converting them to 40K Ogryn. After I saw some nice conversions on Magiler's blog here, I decided to give it a go.

In keeping with the theme of the Ardwick 23rd, I wanted a gas mask, a back pack with lots of gear and metallic shoulder pads.

The shoulder pads are Dreadnought shin guards, the ripper gun is made from two Ork guns, the knife and pack full of ammo are also Ork, the gas mask and canister is just like the "horse mask" from my Rough Rider.

I had to fill the gut plate hole and add pockets and make him wearing a shirt and make the steel toes for the boots, all using greenstuff. I also added two guard canteens.

I had a good time with this big guy, as I was finishing and went outside, I got lucky with some decent light, and got off a few shots.

I also got some pics of my nearly finished second Nurgle MkIb Rhino, you can see its stablemate here.

Still need to do some rust and a few other final details.

Hope you like 'em.

Mike and I have been talking about more great give-aways soon.

I have been sorting through boxes of minis and have unearthed some great stuff to give away as prizes.

Also some more great stuff is coming our way from some of my favorite bits companies, including some sneak preview / unreleased stuff that you will see here first, and then have a chance to win before anyone else can get it.

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  1. This reminds to to start on that mk1 Razorback I have hand in the bin for awile. Good job on the ogre/ogryn conversion, I have been looking for a few ways to use up my spare AoBR ork bitz

    BH Senior Editor

  2. For me, this ogre face tubing reminds me to finally put an order at Dragonforge and get a bunch of these ;-)

  3. Looks lovely, a great conversion

  4. I just started some Ogryns and I am impressed with the idea for the shoulder pads. Looks awesome!