Monday, July 20, 2009

Why am I buying the new models?

This weekend marked the latest wave of Space Marine releases including the Landspeeder Storm and Ironclad Dreadnought.

As a Dark Angels player, this shouldn't have meant much to me , due to a lack of update to the Dark Angels Codex, I can't really use these models in my army.

I think this is a mistake when GW should be trying to sell more of the new models to Space Marine players.

I can't even figure out if the Storm would be painted black as the rest of the speeders in Ravenwing ( probably not, as it has nothing to do with the 2nd Company) or just green as a regular Darkangels vehicle.

But I bought them anyway. I like Warhammer and want to do my part to keep it alive so I just buy what they come out with, and give them my money, its like paying dues to be in a club.

The first thing I noticed was the nifty Dred base was grey instead of black plastic and it seemed thinner like the new blastscape or the crater set, and the quality was not that great.

As you can see it was warped out of the box and will not lay flat, I tried to bend it around to get it flat, but it's still tweaked. I am afraid to try hot water as it may get even worse.

When I looked over the rest of the kit, I noticed the front of the torso was missing off the sprue, so I had to give GW a call and they will be sending me a replacement in the mail 5-7 business days,( they are really good about that) it's kind of a drag though as I wanted to put it together.

Pretty disappointing for a kit that was over 40 bucks. I hope the replacement stuff gets here soon, I think it will be a cool model with all the extra weapon options.

Well the Storm was much better. A nice kit, and I do like all the Scout bits in it. All for around 30 bucks.

I wonder if anyone else has had trouble with the base or the same part missing in the Dred. it looks like it was barley attached to the sprue.

Oh well, I have plenty of other stuff to work on, while I am waiting.


Update; I have recieved the replacement model and it is fine and the base is flat, the missing part was almost falling off the sprue, so I can see this being a problem.

As much as I bitch about GWs model prices, you just can't beat the customer support.


  1. That base looks horrible! No good with a silly flimsy base! I would get a good resin base from some of the companies that makes such products. In fact, I wouldn't buy an Ironclad without getting a resin base as well. I hope GW catches some flak for this.

    The Land Speeder Storm seems like far more fun. I'm still curious of how to deal with embarking / disembarking scouts on them. But they seem like fantastic little buggers of Fast Attack units :)

  2. As far as I know, the Dread base with the rocks has always been grey rather than black plastic... never seen one warped like that, though!

  3. Luckily your replacement will come with a base. Hopefully that one will be ok.

  4. AKH,

    You are right, I just checked some older dreads, and they had the grey base also.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. Yeah dread bases have always been grey, never seen one miscast though!

    Hey, you might get an entire NEW ironclad box as they don't ship single parts any more!

  6. I overheard some IG players last week lamenting missing multi-lasers from the Valkyrie sprues. Apparently this is becoming something of an issue for GW.