Sunday, July 26, 2009

Winners ! West Wind Heads Give Away

Using we have chosen three winners.

Big Jim

Please contact me at: with your mailing address.

Each of you will get an assortment of these unreleased heads from West Wind, 5 of each style, 15 total.

Both Big Jim and The AKH had us listed on their blog rolls at their blogs, so they will be getting some extra swag from me.

Big Jim you will get some of my resin cast Deathguard shoulder pads, and some old school Space Wolf metal minis.

AKH I will include some of those OOP metal Guardsmen to bolster your forces.

Thanks to Wendy at West Wind for the head sets, and to everyone for the comments, and stay tuned for more free stuff in the near future.



  1. Nice on you guys for giving such great prizes!

  2. OMG, I'm a winna, very cool!

    Thanks guys, for running all these great contests.

  3. You are such a gineus thous heads are awsmazing. I have a imperial gaurd army it's small but getting there.