Sunday, August 2, 2009

Casting our own resin Deathguard: a tryout

John went above an beyond last week and he sculpted his own Deathguard Conversion Kit: front torso, helmet and shoulder pad. Then he proceeded to cast it in resin, which worked out really well...then he gave the stuff to me to paint it up. I don't know why he didn't do it himself, since I have never painted any Chaos stuff, but anyhow, here he is. I will get better on this as time goes by.

Did the age old Plague marine look. Did add some festering wounds with green stuff on the belly and the leg.
It was a first Santa Cruz Warhammer Cast, maybe we will do a Give Away with a some of this. John also did a cast of IG desert soldier heads. One result of this small Chaos gift to me was that I got totally obsessed with Chaos Marines, bought the codex, added 7 more Plague Marines and am working now on a Chaos Lord on a Daemonic Steed. It's all in a weeks work, in between family, work and wedding photography.
Oh yeah, the base is from the urban wasteland set at Dragon Forge



  1. nice!
    a article about the mold and resin would be very interesting!

  2. Looks great, as Neven said, an article would be superb on the technique.

  3. Great stuff, I'd love to know how the mould was made and cast.

  4. Looks pretty darn good to me.