Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Home Made Death Guard Pt.1 Modeling

I really like the Death Guard stuff from Forgeworld, but it gets a bit pricey, so I wanted to see if I could sculpt some stuff to make my own death guard conversion bits and add them to some plastic marine parts to make a convincing Death Guard marine on the cheap.

I thought that I might make a mold of some of the great Forgeworld stuff, but I didn't feel right about it and decided to challenge myself and do some sculpting work.

I really like the spiky "armorum ferrum" helmets so I took a helmet from the Ravenwing sprue and went about converting it to look like a Death Guard helmet adding a spike and rivets and reshaping the mask and back lower edge.

I then took a front torso half and added a big belly plate

And I used a couple of blank shoulder pads and added the 3 skull motif.

after all that sculpting I decided that it would be a lot of work to make a bunch of these, and decided to give resin casting a go and see how hard it was to do at home with no experience.

I will go into the resin casting in the next post.

Here is one of the models I made from these cast parts and plastic marine bits.

Stay tuned for part 2



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  2. Looks like a spam comment ^^^.

    Very nice sculpted bits, you've definitely given me food for thought for some of my marine chapters.

  3. I like it, especially the helmet. I think a whole squad would look superb.

  4. Very nice stuff mate, really have to try this out one day!

  5. He looks great! I can't wait to hear about your casting experiences.

  6. These are great pieces, I got a few thrown in when I won the West Wind head contest.

    I am going to do up a plague marine squad with them in the ner future.

    Thanks guys!


  7. Those looks sharp. How did you do your casting - 2 part or 1 part molds? I have tried my hand at one part molds but haven't had much luck with it yet. I haven't tried a 2 part one yet, it is a bit intimidating.