Sunday, September 20, 2009

Grot Tanks a la Jeff Hall!

I read this great post in the beginning of the year: Click first, then come right back for the story:

Let's start with that post for a long time ago, the one post I couldn't forget. I think Jeff Hall from the Adepts Forge had a great idea; one of these conversions where you start wondering why GW didn't come up with that. The model has so much going for it: funny, easy to convert, much more in line with 40K and the maneuverability of the Ork armies then the old, civil war style cannons.
But making a bunch of those would be hard. Unlike Jeff Hall, I don't have that many bitz laying around to build them. Besides; I love finding (cheap) models from different games to incorporate in our hobby. So here a $9.95 dollar RESIN model from ArmorCast. They call it a Patrol Steamer, here's the link to that little tank. It was the tank I was always looking for.
It's a cute little tank but for my purposes I ignored the two turrets it comes with and actually made the back of the tank the front, using the exhaust as a kannon. (These extra turrets will come in handy later on I'm sure).
Then I added my own turret, using a piece of plastic tubing. The rest was easy, like always process of thinking out the design is way harder then the conversion itself.
The side plates are those gold ones from the old basing set and I used some old glyphs here and there.
Here's the painted version, simple and straightforward. I used a bike base because I had to add an extra grot since each big gunz team has two grots.
You already know where this idea could take you, three little tanks with magnetized lasgunz OR lobbas OR kannons.

The base is from DarkArts Miniatures
This was the 3rd and last part of my little series about using non GW models. Here's part 1, here's part 2.

Enjoy and do check out Jeff Hall's conversions. This Ork Skorcha conversion is great.


  1. Great models and an awesome post.

    2 thumbs upppp

  2. That's an awesome little model mate, if I was still using my Rebel Grotz from Gorkamorka, I would snap that idea up like a treat!

  3. Looks great, a lovely characteful conversion. Top stuff! :)

  4. What a great model and concept - the execution is very good as well. Two thumbs up!

  5. HA! That's pretty sweet, I like it.

  6. Great models! Thanks for all the nice comments you gave to my models as well! And thanks for the links to the older posts. I guess I should go back and paint all those Grot Tanks up that I built. It would give me some new posts as well!

    Jeff Hall

  7. Hey Jeff! Good to hear from you! Yeah, work on some of your Ork stuff. We like a new post every week...
    Mike at SCW

  8. Really nice conversion and paint-up. Great Job!

  9. those models fit very well. Great model.

  10. This is a great idea, expect to see some from me in the near future on Blood and Blades. I will of course give nods to you and Jeff Hall for the idea.