Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mad Larkin on Monthanx

Sometimes a new base will steer you into a direction you haven't gone before. That happened this week when I got some swamp bases from Back2Base-ix, an Australian resin company. While I was pondering what to do with it, I flipped open the Gaunts Ghost novel about Monthax, which is the one in which Dan Abnett introduces all the main characters. The story with Mad Larkin talking to an angel was great, and I decided to dig up my old Mad Larkin model and thrown him on the swamp world of Monthax (I have had these models for years and never knew what to do with it; it shows that if you just get the models you like, eventually something will happen).

I didn't do anything except paint him up. The model is leaning forward once you remove the slotta metal piece, so the log on the base really did work out nicely. There is some great detail on that log, in a different, more greener setting this base could look very colorful.
I left his eyes like black sockets, which felt right because he is really sad in this story and he is a guy with a rough past anyway. I did make his face tattoo nice and bright. Because he was talking to an angel, I photographed him in front of Gustave Dore's last drawing of Paradiso from Dantes famous poem The Divine Comedy.
I kept the camo simple, did some washes here and there but did switch out the background for this last shot, making Larks look at the characters in the distance.
All in all a really satisfying little project from start to finish. Let me know what you all think of putting the name on the base...I like it a lot to give the model some indentity..



  1. Very nice - no surprise. You're stuff is consistantly cool. I have to say though, the name on the base REALLY detracts.

  2. Nice, but I think you should edge the base in black to pick up some of the black of the gun and get rid of the name.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. The camo looks very natural. me likey.

  4. I love that Larkin model, he looks excellent, especially since I'm reading GG's at the mo.

  5. that thing is awesome!

  6. I like the name but maybe in a lighter shade of the rim color so it's visible but doesn't detract from the model itself.
    Nice job.

  7. I like the idea of putting identification on the base, to help pull squads together and what not. I've been toying with a rough color stripe system, myself.

    The normal squad members get normal black bases, while flamers get an orange stripe, storm bolters get grey, heavy bolters white, etc. It makes them look more like models, true, but my friends have mentioned that it helps them mentally pick out what is in what, so I've been considering keeping it.

    I haven't decided on HQs and what not, though. Perhaps the name of the character would work.