Friday, September 18, 2009

My partly invisible Purple Stealth Suit !

OK, here's my very first Tau paint job. Obsessive as I am, I have cast IG and Nurlge to the side for now, bought the Tau Codex and begged John for one of his 100+ unpainted models to paint up. He relented with the stipulation it would have to go back home with him...
Anyway, I painted him purple and lined him with Dark Flesh. Lining is NOT my strong suit and I will do better next time.
All this is not as relevant as the real goal of this paintjob, which was to try and see if I could paint the Stealth Suit while it is changing its color to the environment.
At first I tried a decal, but that failed, all the print came off in the water, even after coating it with varnish. So to hell with that and I decided to paint it, doing it easy with a drybrush. The stone part was fine, but the electrical current around the change was hard.
Here's a link to some GREAT stuff, and I will try this again.

Despite all my moaning, don't get me wrong, I still like him and hope John won't prime him black right away when he gets him back....



  1. I think that looks fantastic, I really like the transition effect it is really excellent.

  2. Looking very nice, really captures what stealth suits should do.

  3. I hope your friend lets you keep it. You did an awesome job.

  4. Awesome, love the paint job, really nice idea. Thanks for showing!

  5. Indeed, a great looking paint job - I've seen a few stealth suits that try to pull off that effect and yours is one of the better ones!

    I realise you were testing the technique on this first model, will you make the 'invisible' parts more obvious on the other models (i.e. not at the back!).

  6. Sovietspace: yeah, I didn't dare to go all the way with this one. I am also going to add a white line through the middle of the blue one, might make it look better.
    Mike at SCW

  7. very nice indeed. I would have done more blue... spider webbed over some of the area not yet camo'd and accentuated with white.

  8. thats a pretty awesome idea for the paint scheme.

  9. Nice concept and execution - an inspiring effect.