Sunday, September 27, 2009

We have 2 winners!

We have 2 winners! Using we picked

Kuffeh said...

I've never used the bases range, but looking at the minis I have seen on them and people use them I am pretty damn sure I could make good use of a set like that!


Kron said...

Basing is something I really should spend more time at, with these pieces I definitely would! The ruins in particular would look great with snow too... The swamps would be great for my Skaven..

Make sure to email us with your shipping info at Give us an update on your blogs to show readers what you have done with your freebasesThanks everyone for joining us in this great adventure! Make sure to support the smaller, independent design companies that work hard to give our hobby extra shine. Our next Give Away will be in a few weeks and we got some very cool resin models for you, all the way from France. So stay tuned!

Thanks to Back 2Base-ix for their products. Hopefully they take all your comments to heart.

John and Mike


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  2. congrats. dont follow the first guys link.