Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Bishkek 2nd Manticore, Part 3

Upwards and onwards. I made the leap and weathered the hell out of this Manticore and it looks like it went some poisenous gas storm on the desert world of Bishkek. It looks so battered now that I am tempted to start drybrushing again to lighten up the whole tank. But my wonderful Forgeworld book keeps my focused and I will see this through. Here is work from the last couple of days.
First some tools: thinner and non smelling spirit:
and pastel chalk for grinding up and making into weathering powders. The FW guys use MIG powders but I can't get those here. My wife had this box sitting on the bottom of a drawer; what a find!

Here's the start of this stage. I did some weathering with a sponge and put a gloss coat over the whole vehicle. The gloss is needed to work with the oilpaints
Using black and burnt umber as a mix I started working the oilpaint on. If I didn't like the look I used more spirit to massage it a different way. Here's what I ended up with
The glossy keeps bothering me but the weathering is working out allright. Next thing is flicking on the rust. I ground up some chalk..
mixed it with burnt umber oil paint and some spirit. Then flicked it on. After that I blended the rust with more spirit. I don't have pictures of that but it's pretty obvious. If you want to do this, get the book and don't follow me.
Ah and then the next day! I threw on a matt coat and there was the tank I was looking for!

I apologize for the length of this post. Hope you readers on a black berry or Iphone can still see it pretty quickly.
Next up: weathering of tracks and painting some details, drybrushing and layering the flamer etc etc


  1. That´s really awesome..! Looks so great it´s almost illegal. I have zero experience in painting vehicles, but soon I´m starting on my Dreadnought, and was planning some really beaten look for it... so these are great tips! Thnx...

  2. It looks like it's survived a nuke - just!

    Excellent blog mate, you're inspiring me to crack open the book and give it a go.

    When you're putting on the varnish, are you using a brush or airbrush?

  3. Corbane: I don't have an airbrush, so everything you have seen so far is done by hand or with a spray can.

  4. I have been holding my breath waiting for you to spray some dull coat on the tank. I still can't bring myself to gloss varnish a tank before weathering. Even with independent verification that the process works, I can't get over my fear of gloss coats! I can't wait to see the tank with the clean looking missiles on it.

  5. Good lord, that really did make quite the difference! Its really looking very good now mate, I cant wait to see the next step...

  6. I totaly look forward to these posts. I'm really enjoying your process.

  7. Two big thumbs up from me man! A great blog so far. If I had not just put in an order with Forgeworld i'd be tempted to get that book. But as it is I'm just going to have to put it on my very long "too purchurse" list.

    Can't wait to see the next step.

  8. this just keeps on getting better and beter, actualy this reminds me, got pain a freind to post their tank on my blog

  9. Wow, that tank is really beat up, but it looks really good.