Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Bishkek 2nd Valkyrie, Part 5: finishing the engines

OK, I am finally done with the engines. After the gloss coat I grabbed a palette and started using the oil paints, just like in the Forgeworld Modeling Book. I filled one spot with a mix of Black and Burnt Umber, the other Burnt Sienna. The browns and the oranges work well separate or together and with a little spirit I started working the wear on the engines. When I was done, I overcoated with Testors Dull Coat.

Here are some images. First the two side shots:
I find it quite hard to make both engines look the same. I painted them separately and ended up with one intake being a little brighter. Then again, in real life they could look differently as well after some missions.
A shot of the top. I added very subtle washes of blue to the exhaust, didn't want to go too far with that though. I had fun with the soot stains on the roof and on the exhaust. I am pondering if I should add some powders to that soot, but then again, maybe that would all fly off anyway when in flight. I kept the rust because I think it looks good to have once color that doesn't belong in the mix, even though a few readers have convinced me these planes don't rust.
The inside roof with the blue lamps. Painted this ages ago and have been keeping it sheltered for all the sprays ever since. Might still need some work, but not now.
Close up of the back. You can see the blue hue a little better
And the front. I did a bit of work to the little propellers but don't really know what they would look like. In the end I made them look plain dirty. Image all the stuff that flies in there. Maybe it would need a little screen...
Now it's time for the real work..
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  1. These engines look very good, like they've been through a lot of action. They should round out your other work in the rest of the Valkyrie. Really has me anxious to see it all together.