Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's a Dwarf Bear Rider! Part 2

In my post about an old Grenadier Dwarf Bear rider, I was mentioning that an unknown company had bought the ancient molds and then forgot about them. Well, I was wrong! One of our readers, Andrew Szigeti, found the newly recast models on an Italian website called Mirliton Miniatures, click here for that link.
So anyone wanting to revisit their painting past with a wonderful model, go fetch one! For my part, I am very glad these wonderful sculpts have been preserved. The new owners of the sculpt emailed me and mentioned that the dwarfs were sculpted by Nick Lund, so here's to that creative mind making these guys.
Mirliton Minatures has promised us some goodies to Give Away so stay tuned!

Thanks Andrew for letting us know.
Thanks Stefan from Mirliton for responding so fast as well.

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