Saturday, January 16, 2010

Give your Vote in the Bishkek 2nd Logo Contest!

OK, we got three entries in the Bishkek 2nd Logo Contest. Remember, this regiment excels in desert warfare and is currently active on Kartvelian, securing the Imperial progress on that planet. Here are the three contestants. The winner will take home 5 resin 25 mm bases AND a Leman Russ or Chimera (primered black). We need YOUR vote.


There is a poll on the right side. Tomorrow evening I will stop taking votes and announce the winner!
Have at it!



  1. oh hold on two days will you please. was going to rustle up a logo for you but not anywhere near a computer until tomorrow night....

  2. From a pure design point of view, no1 wins hands down..

    But.. if we are tlaking about bneing in keeping with the world etc i think a slightly refined version of no 3 would be my choice.

    depends if this is for the website or the army. army, 3 website, 1 :)

  3. I'm sorry I wasn't anywhere I could fix that typo; it's my own fault for waiting 'till the last second.

  4. Man, I should have entered... Is it too late? I never realized that the deadline was today...

  5. yes all of you latecomers, you should have entered. So too late on that. But, if you want to enter something, feel free and I will post it on the blog on sunday evening together with the winner chosen from the 3 up right now.
    mind you, our second enty does not grow a beard yet...

  6. Being a native of the Sonoran desert, I feel compelled to vote for the saguaro (#1). It helps that it's the best design too!

  7. Just out of curiousity...

    How do you know who voted what?

    I know I didn't fill in my name or anything...

  8. edwin:
    I have the numbers connected to an email in which i received the jpg.

  9. I enjoy the first one the most. especially in simple silhouette form.

    I was wondering if there was a guest book or something. I did not do blogs or 40k for that matter, until last month. I stumbled across this,looking for resources for the game and now I am actually inspired to create. You guys are really doing an amazing job, thanks!