Friday, January 15, 2010

Leman Russ Kartvelian Variant, Part 4: try camo with Soy based wax paper

One more day for the Bishkek Logo contest! Go here for details!

The Russ Kartvelian Variant got it's camo! I opted for a tri color scheme. I don't have an airbrush, so I used masking tape to create tight patterns. On the Valkyrie, I made it look jagged and pointy, on this one I wanted to cut the patters round and smooth. But cutting tape is hard, it always sticks to the scissors and breaks at really thin points.
So I decided to use wax paper to create stickers in a way, which allowed me to cut without ANY problems. Here it goes:

here's the wax paper that I used
tape a bunch of pieces to it
cut them all into shapes you want; the tape won't stick to your scissors
leave some wax paper on the ends to you can peel the tape easily, just like a sticker.
basecoat the tank, tape off the weapons so you don't lose details after spraying the model.
put on desert yellow from Testors
add the tape pieces
spray darker brown
add more pieces of tape on places where the darker color is visible and spray the 3rd color
Here's the end result
Hope this will work for you!

Next up: the weathering!



  1. Simple and effective. I like it. I've pointed a few of my gaming group to this article.

  2. That looks fantastic - nice method, you're totally right about cutting tape being a pain in the rear. Nice!

  3. That is rather brilliant. I would have never thought of it!

  4. that looks very nice maybe just a little to light on the base coat.