Sunday, February 7, 2010

Please help us spread this great concept!

As you know we have hosted the Barter Bucket now for a couple of weeks. We haven't gotten any feedback, but I didn't expect that. The Barter Bucket is not so readers can communicate with US, it is there so they can talk to EACH OTHER. And in my heart I know that readers have been trading with each other. I myself have used the bucket at least 5 times (when still at FTW), every single time with success.

I believe the system of trading among blogging friends is ultimately preferable to the faceless transactions with greedy ebay sellers. Mind you, I have traded on Ebay over 350 times and whenever I really need something I go there. But the things I received with the Barter Bucket have been so cool, so personal and always with a friendly email and an extra model in the box. And it feels like I know the people that I email with about bitz. These are the same humans as I am: love the hobby, love the game, have thousands of extra plastic in the house; what is not to like?

So here's my request: please add the Barter Bucket as a picture with link onto your blog. The way we did it is
1. go to layout
2. add gadget
3. choose picture
4. hit edit when it shows up in the layout
5. give it a link

Here's the picture
(right click and save)
Here's the link (this always stays the same)

After all this, might I mention that Mik is doing this all for fun and we greatly appreciate his work.

We don't make any money on it. We just believe this is the RIGHT THING to do. We hope you agree. Let me know what you all think.



  1. I'm doing my par, The modification is in place and I'm placing a post to encourage this and any other activity that helps the hobby for everyone.

  2. Linked and done. I live in Sweden, but I think this is a good initiative. Once I get more traffic to my blog, I'll start an European version!

  3. Added in. Got a little trip but when I get back I think I will finally pick up some modeling again. Then maybe I will unload some bits through the bucket.

  4. done a post on my blog

  5. I've put some wants & needs up on the Barter Bucketa few times now but; no joy yet. This is probably due to my poor selection of trading materials than anything else, though.

    I love & support the idea of Bits Trading, and I am putting the link up on my blog.

  6. Added (though I had to resize the logo)

  7. thanks everyone so far for helping out. Much appreciated! Maybe you all can spread the word..

  8. I feel like a baboon for missing this post two days ago.
    Pic and link added. Had to stretch to fit but it's got it's own section on FTW now.

    Keep up the good work guys.

  9. I've got one up on my site as well.

    Thanks Guys!