Monday, March 1, 2010

Corbec becomes a squad leader for the Bishkek 2nd

I have had a model like this for a long time: it's the old Col Colm Corbec from Gaunts Ghosts (still available online, get it!) I never dared to paint this model, not wanting to commit blasphemy by doing a poor job and always wanting my one set to become the Ghosts with the camo cloaks.
Then I picked up a second model and having two, I dared to do something with it.
I painted him in really muted colors and made the body and base kind of blend into each other. The fence is from the Fantasy terrain set.

All in all I am very pleased with the result and this model will become the squad leader in the Kalmyk portion of the Bishkek 2nd.


  1. Mini and the base look great... Good job!

  2. Squad leaders have laspistols not lasrifles

  3. argh...that tells you that I don't really play that much...
    sorry, I guess I will have to make him a old soldier

  4. Colm carries a standard issue lasgun in the gaunts ghosts books and since it's a model of an actual specific character, I'd say he's fine anonymous.

    Must dig him out of my bits box, he'd be good in a kill team. Excellent job Mike.

  5. This is a really great pose, nicely presented. Makes me think seriously about pulling out my Gaunts figures and painting them up.