Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Belated Happy Easter!

Once in a while the White Dwarf will write about talented painters that give their sweethearts a cool model for a birthday. Not being one of those people, I still dared to give my wife a model for Easter and I hadn't time to photograph it. So here it is: a pivotal moment in the Lord Of the Rings.
My wife loves the books and the movie (she had never seen any of the models from GW) and I had these models laying around.
She really liked it, although it must have seemed like a geeky gift. It now has a little place in the living room.



  1. This is a pretty cool gift indeed, and I think our spouses understand the thought behind such "geeky" gifts, haha.

  2. heh hand made gifts are 10x better than the gift certificate you were thinking of getting. ;)

  3. That's a really cool gift man. Really nicely done!! And the base makes it that little bit more special.